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Gear Review: Jabra Elite Active 45e

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Quick facts:

- Wireless (cord free, not true wireless) sports earphones :

- Loop over the ears with open gel ear buds meant to allow ambient noise in

- IP67 waterproof durability (submersible for 30mins up to 1m)

- 2 year sweat and dust warranty

- 2 integrated microphones makes calls on the go and voice commands a breeze

- Connects with the Jabra app allowing for some personalisation in music EQ

- Micro usb chargeable, battery lasts up to 9h

Out of the box, my initial thought were "Man these are kinda bulky and huge, are they gonna hurt after I've been wearing the ear hooks for more than an hour? "

I'm pleased to report that, no they do not hurt. The fact is yes they are unapologetically bulky, but the reinforced ear hooks have a structure and holds up pretty well so they aren't weighing down on your ears.

The cord around your neck isn't noticeable and makes it easy to port around and stuff in your pocket, as opposed to some neckbands that are structured.

How do they sound? These come in the lower end of the sports earphone range, at less than $200, so obviously they aren't going to win any awards music quality wise, but as these are tailored towards athletic purposes, they definitely do the job.

I took them for a run, some skipping, strength exercises, and they stayed well in place without falling off, and had a good connection. However, workouts i much prefer a solid snug fit for my earphones.

Do they let in ambient sound? Well the way the earphones are designed, the earbuds don't insert all the way into your ears so definitely some noise filtered through, however i found it distracting as it did affect the music quality, sorta like outside noise leaking in as opposed to being aware of surroundings.

I decided against cycling with these as if the volume is cranked up, it pretty much doesn't let you hear traffic or potential hazards on the road.. Lets face it, if anything is inserted in your ears, theres a very limited ambient sound filtration unless the volume is turned way down.

These are very different from the aftershockz which use bone conduction technology so your ears are not covered at all. In my opinion that is a much better ambient aware earphone if that is your ultimate concern.

These do the job, they stay on, are built pretty hardy, a few knocks and bumps aren't going to ruin them and the waterproof rating is solid. I tested them under a running shower to simulate a downpour and it still worked just as well. A quick dry off and it was good as new.

I would say these are good value earphones if you are looking for an all rounder that isn't going to break the bank. They'd work for commuting on the train, gym, office if you so desire, or walking around the house on a phone call.

They charge quickly , and the battery level does last a good 9h.

Different earphones/headsets are made for different purposes, so I'm not going to give them an overall rating as that wouldn't be a fair assessment. Lets break it down into the following: Sound quality, Value for money, pros and cons.


- Battery life

- Portability

- Water proof rating and hardiness

- Value for money


- Not adjustable with different ear tips/buds (once size fits all)

- Not really ambient sound friendly

- An unremarkable pair of earphones all things considered

Overall verdict

Sound 5.5/10

Value 7.5/10

Thank you to Jabra SG for setting me up with these for a review!


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