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Gear review : Lululemon city to summit cycling bibs and shorts

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

At a glance

Sizes available from XS, S, M, L

Fabric: Ultralu (sweat wicking, lightweight)

Chamois: Made by Elastic Interface, gender specific

Reviewer is 160cm, 45Kg and wore a size XS in the shorts, and an S in the bib shorts


Good for toilet breaks

Integrated nifty pockets to carry your essentials

Soft and extremely comfortable


On the pricey side at $198 USD for the bib shorts and $178USD for the shorts

It's the first time ive actually seen cycling gear on Lululemon, and I was really excited to try this one.

First up, the shorts. These fit like a glove and had 1 pocket on the side of each leg, large enough to accommodate my wallet and my iphone x. The shorts also had a zippered pocket on the back, a popular feature carried over from their running shorts so even without a cycling bag on your bike you should be able to carry a spare tube, keys, small wallet and phone and that's just on the shorts.


The waistband on the shorts were soft and comfy enough that in riding position there was no discomfort leaning over and they also are tight enough to hold all your fats in while not feeling like a dumpling or leaving lines when taken off. Silicon dots on the hem aren’t very grippy but they were good enough to prevent the shorts from moving around. There isn’t a lot going on in the compression department, but if youre after pure comfort and functionality these are great. 

Now the bib shorts. These, I LOVE. I took them on a round island ride and it was perfect. Velvety soft and the comfort level was SO good. When you've been on the saddle for a 100km, trust me, it makes a huge difference. Without a doubt this is going to be one of my favourite bib shorts.

While I was able to wear an XS in the shorts, for the bibs the part that came past my belly button was a little tight and bending over, the fabric cut in at an odd angle , but that problem went away when I sized up, so all good. It was a nice length, and my phone stayed in the pocket throughout, although the top hem of the pocket could be improved with a grippier elastic for security so things don't fall out over humps and rough roads.

Like the shorts, these have pockets on either side of the legs, minus the zippered pocket on the bum. There are also reflective lines running down the bottom of the shorts for visibility. 

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the bib shorts were that they were touted as being having revolutionary straps that were stretchy enough, for you to not take your jersey off, and pull them down for toilet breaks, which, trust me, for women are a godsend. Have you ever tried to take off and put on everything when you are hot, wet and sticky -.- !

So that feature was the very first thing I tried when I got them on , and it worked! I was actually able to keep my whole outfit on and tug them off for a wee like regular shorts. 

My only concern would be whether continual "abuse" of the straps by stretching them up and down with the straps in place on ones shoulders, would make the them loosen and eventually lose its elasticity or spoil the shorts in any way. It seems to make more sense to have features similar to Velocio and Rapha where theres that hook on and off function to maintain the structure and form of the shorts rather than forcing them down. I guess time will tell.

Riding with both shorts and the bibs was super comfortable. I liked that the chamois was super soft and comfy , and there was a softer padding extending down the insides of my, thighs eliminating the probability of chaffing and adding to the comfort factor. It moulds to your bum and when you have the shorts or bibs on, it kinda feels like you're not wearing anything and I certainly can see myself using the bibs for more long rides in the saddle and the shorts for coffee rides with friends!

Score: 8/10

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