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High quality, Trendy, Fantabulous Unconventional: HTFU!

In this day and age, replicating a top end fashion label is old hat. Goyard bag? Your neighbourhood durian aunty uses it to keep her wet wipes. LV passport holder? Hmm, let me go MBK mall in Bangkok i give you, with name some more for another 100 Baht.

A huge part of the time, when it comes to leather goods, even jewellery, you pay for The Name. I wouldn't go as far as to say its not worth it ALL of the time. There are some truly iconic, timeless, spectacular designs and quality merchandise from some high fashion labels. Lets not bring paper clips into the equation, and talk "Leather"

Specifically, leather wallets, passport holders, and watch straps for your horological marvel.

Hey we get it, we like to look good, and have nice stuff. Personally i adore customisable products. From tailored shirts with initials, pretty cakes that look too good to eat, bicycle paintwork, engagement rings, invitation cards, I very much appreciate the extra work, and unique aspect that there is only 1 such product, and it looks just the way i want it to.

Have you ever worn the same outfit as another person at the same event? Im not talking about school uniform ok? Like a swanky party. A.W.K.W.A.R.D central, also, it gets boring seeing the same old stuff out there.

Enter : HTFU

What it is : A Leather Atelier, bringing you hand sewn , fully customisable accessories. Their source of leather comes from LVMH, so you get the same high end materials associated with high fashion labels.

Calf skin, Buffalo hide, Soffiano leather, Crocodile hide, Ostrich legs ( We kid you not) all in an exciting array of colours, patterns, patinas and textures.

Its a smorgasbord of offerings. After you've picked your poison (leather of choice), Wee Yen, the founder and artisan leather crafter who does all the work himself, will advice you on colours available, designs possible, and approximate time.

At time of writing this article, he currently produces :

-Cycling wallets

-Card holders

-Watch straps

-Passport holders


You can even choose the pattern of the lining, and if you are particularly hard to please, he will even design you one from scratch, a limited edition once off. Want a contrasting stitch colour for your wallet to make it pop, no problemo.

Panerai, Rolex watches have been outfitted with his handiwork, and they are a joy to look at, particularly if you are OCD and love straight lines, perfect threading.

" As a designer and avid cyclists, i often see (leather) products being made, but are not customisable. People like the pattern/colour, but dislike the fabric, whether its for accessories or cycling wallets There is a gap in the market that is currently filled by over priced "International" brands, and i thought. Heck, I can do so much better work, in terms of craftsmanship, pricing, and offerings. "- Wee Yen

And so, HTFU was borne out of this desire.

For the uninitiated, in cycling terminology, HTFU to put it bluntly means "Harden The F*** Up" i.e That hill very steep? HTFU and just keep peddling. Tired? HTFU and keep going! Ok you get the idea, but its not as harsh as you think. Its also meant as a joke. among fellow cyclists and friends. Like maybe 2% of it. In fact fellow cyclists can look forward to more cycling related custom products in the near future.

As a clever play on words, Wee Yen decided to name his initiative: Hide the f*** up. Word puns? We like.

Don't say we bojio. In fact, its so awesome theres now a waiting list for clientele, and a number of shops have done collaborations and limited edition pieces. You want it? Go book a slot... got to wait 1 month? HTFU ! *wink*

Prices start from :

$280 for a wallet,

$450 for a bag,

$190 for a watch strap/passport holder

Wee Yen can be contacted at : 9737 4724


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