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Digital Cafe/Restaurant Series FAQ

Hello! Big thanks to SOS business for the shoutout!

So what's this about?

There are just SO many awesome cafes and restaurants in Wellington, Dan & I have spent

many happy dates getting that freshly brewed cuppa coffee, burrowing our way through waffles, eggs benny on sourdough, big breakfasts, asiatic delights (Thai food FTW), fusion, dim sum, bloody banging burgers and curly fries, Fix and Fogg toasts, sweet treats, get the gist. And not just in Wellington either, we've discovered hidden gems in Auckland, Taupo, Queenstown, Nelson...etc. We're a huge fan of NZ made/ Local produce!

During this difficult period. I know many of them have launched services and products and shoutouts, lots of collaboration and initiatives together which are awesome. The main aim of this series is to : Get a bit more personal and let people know the story behind the individual cafes , exposure for their business during this pandemic i.e how this is affecting them on a personal level, as all businesses are different, what can be done to support their favourite cafe ( i.e such as the extremely successful vouchers and SOS!)  as well as future plans.

There is so much grit, resilience, and community working together during this time, it would be something to look back upon and documented, as well as allow people to understand and get to know their favourite businesses, as well as find new favourites to try!

I love writing, and while previously primarily I work with sports related brands for reviews such as Lululemon, Jabra, Triathlon related events and accoutrements, I also undertake personal projects that interests me like unique travel/sport experiences, small biz custom made goods, event coverage with videography and photography. My last project was for a long distance swim event by Traction fitness, and was published with permission on the Triathlon wellington community social media.

This project is one that I have decided to do because my husband was for many years and still is the F&B industry prior to moving to Wellington, and we actually that's how we met (but that's a hilarious tale for another time) I know many people who have their favourite cafe, restaurant that they can't wait to visit once we ease down into Level 3. (Yep, I have already pre ordered coffee and lunch for Tuesday ). From personal standpoint I know too well how much work goes into building up and managing a cafe, the long hours and sacrifice, as well as joy in running a restaurant/cafe, and the tremendous stress that all of you are facing now.

Behind the scenes photography or videography could be possible as well, when the alert levels drop. 

From each request I will take some time to check out your offerings, I'll email you some questions, and when I receive your reply I will write the story, give you a quick call to clarify and finalise some details. All individual stories will be written, and a draft sent to each cafe/owner for data amendments, additional notes they may wish to add for vetting, before the final document/epub/pdf is created. We can also create an ePub of stories into a compilation further down the line, depending on how many cafe owners are willing to tell their story.

If you know of any cafe you think might be interested in sharing their story, think its something we could collaborate on, feel free to get in touch with me. As the alert rules keep changing I will keep updating the offerings and changes that each cafe might go through.

This is very much a Work-in-progress, so please be patient and be nice! This is our way of supporting local, and getting to know the kick ass human beings (and office cats, dog bosses) behind the scenes.

<3 Donna & Dan

26 April 2020


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