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Canyon test bikes have come to town!

Popular German bike brand Canyon, with its direct online to consumer sales has been around the block for some time, gaining in popularity over the years, due to several factors, their winning price point, award winning bikes getting podium positions in prolific races, massive support for women cycling, which i love, and an impressive impressearium of pro athletes than have continued to dominate their field, in various categories. Jan Frodeno, Patrick Lange, in Triathlon, Alejandro Valverde from Movistar, Jonas Fischer of Radpack , continued partnerships with Teams' Katusha, Movistar, Canyon/Sram.

The frustrating thing about buying things online, while exciting, always has that caveat, "What if it doesn't fit size wise? What if i don't like it after trying it? What if the bike i thought i wanted, wasn't what i expected and i like the other model instead? So if that hampers your decision making process, you'll be chuffed to know that Canyon is making its presence known in Singapore, by having a local test centre conduct test events regularly, for you to come check out its substantial range of bikes, take it for a spin, decide on sizing, and get exactly what you want without nasty surprises, and then be really really happy with your purchase when it comes.

Last Saturday saw a Canyon X Garmin Test event at Triple Fit Millenia, despite the rather moody weather, words been getting around and there has been an uptake of interest in coming round to try the bikes, good feedback and subsequent increase in orders.

The bikes available at the test event were :

Speedmax CF SLX

A regular sight at the Kona world championships, these TT bikes have the Canyon promise to be as aerodynamic as possible, making the rider and bike become ONE.

Ultimate CF SLX

Its most popular bike, the Ultimate is an all rounder, promising low weight and maximum stiffness with outstanding ride quality, together with comfort for long days in the saddle.

Aeroad CF SLX

A race machine. Period. Made for smashing PBs, and Podiums, this is an aggressive position aero pro geometry enabling you to tackle fast corners and gain one up on your rival.

Ultimate WMNS CF SLX

Happily, Canyon is a huge supporter of women cycling. Lots of bike companies previously had unisex models, or their women models were simply the same bike on a smaller scale. Canyon however, went one step further to make sure everything was scaled down to a women specific geometry, for specific points of contact, giving women, their own race machine, tailored specifically for them.


Getting from point A to B doesn't have to be boring and uncomfortable. The Commuter bike is loaded with details like mud guards for rainy days, integrated lights, aesthetically pleasing frames that will make your commute that much happier.


Now this bike is an interesting one. Said to be able to tackle a wide variety of terrain, i.e Go everywhere, do everything. This concept appeals to the outbound adventurer, who goes where the heart wishes. A do it all bike, if you will. You can even outfit it with backpacking solutions, for those who like cycling holidays and touring! Available in Aluminium and Carbon versions.

I tried the Aeroad bike myself, and i fell in love. It was FAST, and very noticeably so. Buttery smooth, with shifter gears on the drop bars riding this was exciting, a lil bit scary , but oh so fun! However, as mentioned it is an aggressive position, so for someone more used to an endurance position i did find it not so forgiving on the comfort level. But ... maybe in a weeks time at the Monte Carlo casino if i win on blackjack or roulette, i'll definitely be getting my Nth bike. Its the red coloured ferrari of bikes as far as I'm concerned. Believe me i was sorely tempted.

Do look out on the Canyon Facebook page for future updates on test events! And, if you have an questions on the specifications, geometry of these bikes, don't be lazy and go to the canyon webpage, cos its all there! You're welcome.


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