• Donna.C

An afternoon in Cannes

Eponymous with the Cannes film festival, this seaside town has gained a reputation for all things glittery and gold. Although unplanned, our trip turned out to be smack in the middle of the red carpet event, and the town was all abuzz with glitz and glamour.

The iconic Hotel de ville , one of the landmarks along the main avenue looked splendid with flags flying high. Everyone (except us) was dressed in sharp looking tuxedos, gowns, fashionable shades, fashion on point indeed. Heck, even the little dogs had a top knot died purple.

A stroll along the Boulevard de la Croissette and Rue d'antibes have all the high fashion boutiques, not unlike a walk down the Champ Elyses in Paris.

It was getting uncomfortably crowded, and streets were starting to be blocked off for the evening premier. We happened to stop at Hotel Martinez, where Paparazzi thronged the hotel entrance , some of them balancing precariously on ladders. This hotel is known for only allowing guests inside the hotel, and has very strict security so many A listers choose this hotel to hole up in. We watched for a while and one of the stars ( please don't ask me who I really am terrible at following the who's who in the hollywood realm) appeared, was asked to strut her stuff for a nice shot, before disappearing into a blacked out limousine.

Skipping the crowded streets we headed to a beautiful beach bar for some champagne and simply enjoyed the sea view which was gorgeous. Boats and catamarans of all makes were moored in the harbour, and the mountains and hill top cliffs made a very pretty postcard picture.

If you want to take a little walk up the neighbourhood, theres a clock tower thats pretty cute just before Hotel de ville.

And thats it for Cannes, we escaped before all the streets were closed and headed back to our base in Nice.


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