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Gear Review: Aftershockz Trek Air

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Quick facts:

- Open ear design

- Around the neck style rigid band

- IP55 (sweat and dust resistant)

- 6h battery life

- Bluetooth connectivity for calls/music

- Total ambient awareness

- 2 year warranty

Music is such a huge part of my life, and i spend a lot of time plugged in, be it for motivation to exercise , relax and chill out with a great cup of matcha latte or iced mocha, some introspection, or just... Be.

Over the 'ears' i have tried many many earphones/headphones. Some fantastic, some not so-so, and some terrible ones.

These Aftershockz were specifically tested and subsequently bought, for the purpose of cycling and trail running, due to its completely unique technology that set it apart from the other sports earphones in the market - Bone conduction technology. These babies go over the top of your ears but press onto the area just in front of your ear on your cheekbones allowing you to hear both music, and ambient noise for safety reasons.

There are 2 models of this pair of earphones.

1. Trek Titanium (36 grams)

2. Trek Air (30 grams)

Now you would think that 6grams wouldn't make a whole lot of difference, but other than weight, the design is less bulky and definitely more comfortable than its predecessor .

The Titaniums, i wanted them but upon trying it out at the store, the band was too wide, and a lot of weight seemed to bog them down at the back making them feel heavy on top of my ears which was uncomfortable. For my male friends who are significantly of bigger build this wasnt an issue for them.

When the Trek Air's came out, i tried them on, noticing right away the much smaller fit and design. They were nice and snug, didn't drag downwards at the back, and after 10 minutes of walking around the store testing out the connectivity. I was happy to note there were no issues with losing the bluetooth connection and they have a range of 10m To the store owners amusement i also spent some time hopping up and down and shaking my head and running on the spot to make sure they were secure.

I am pleased that this is indeed an excellent pair of earphones for athletes. You get to hear all the ambient noise, take note of your surroundings, and are prepared for any eminent danger (should there be one) enabling you to stop, take note of potential issues, or change course as fast as if you weren't wearing any earphones. Think PMDs racing towards you or little kids blundering into the path of a bike on PCNs, or even someone creeping up behind you on the trail. And of course, cycling with earphones in is a big no no.

You also get 6 hours of playback time from both models, which is a pretty good amount of time.

Bluetooth connection in the air is a slight upgrade, not that there was an issue with the first one anyway, and while it takes an additional half an hour to charge for the Trekair version, it also gives you double the standby time, from 10 to 20 hours.

Music quality for both models were better than i expected, you still can hear the nuances, all the lyrics, it has a pretty good bass.

The only caveat some people might not like is that the earphones vibrate a fair bit on high volumes or on songs with powerful bass, but to me this is a small price for safety, and getting your groove on at the same time.

For the fashion conscious, they come in grey, red, green, and blue for the Airs, and an additional neon pink for the original Titaniums.

In all, i love these pair of earphones, and they remain my first choice when trail running/cycling.


- Total ambient awareness

- Cycling friendly

- Novel solution to both music vs safety while exercising

- Lightweight


- Slightly lower sound quality due to type of technology

- May press down on the top of ears slightly

Overall verdict

Sound quality : 6/10

Value : 8/10

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